Safe houses not working reliably for respawning

Platform:Xbox One

Description: Safe house locations flickering and then disappearing after death. Specifically noticed this with Lilla Hammarnas in the NW region in Farmlands when I was clearing the rank 3 FNIX base. Once I spawned at Boo Church, the safe house was back on the map and working.

Steps To Reproduce: This happened on the post death spawn screen from multiple locations on the map. I tried using Lilla Hammarnas after dying near Sandbo Farm, Overby air strip, and in the crator in the central area of the Farmlands.

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Host or Client:Host.

Players in your game:None

Specifications: Original xbox one, not an s, x or either series version.

Had this issue as well on PS4, was with safehouse south east of the Lighthouse in North Coast and several others. Only fixed after spawning.