Safe in the woods


Would be good if there where tripwires or sensors in the woods that could alert hunters to your location. It would make travelling through woodland areas more fun there’s little danger at the moment or even the flying mechs can’t remember what they’re called


This is a great idea. Another possibility for this could be to have the sensors the bots use to scan buildings mounted in trees perhaps, like stationary ticks. They could periodically scan the ground at random intervals and if you’re caught in one could trigger an alarm.


That’d be cool, roadblocks and checkpoints might be something to thing about as well


@anon70356873 Agreed. Another idea would be random car alarms if a car has all the doors closed. Those late eighties/nineties car alarms with all the different sound patterns :stuck_out_tongue:


land mines in the woods and land mines in bases _ and anger beavers


I dont feel very safe in woods, any combat in open area is extremely dangerous in this game.
Even you little plan and watch surroundings, and think where you get cover if combat starts. Those nasty robots flank you so fast.

I would not mind seeker flying over tree top level, more like in UAV style.
Maybe add some extra speed to seekers.

Passive ticks or seekers landed on ground or attached to tree waiting unaware player passing them would also is pretty good idea.


Forest combat is really fun for me because of all the cover


I’m working on an idea about a tick like bot. It it uses stealth and landmines, it can jump tree to tree and blend in with its surroundings. It will add a danger aspect to running through forests.