Safehouse FMTEL Stations

Please consider turning the dormant computers into FMTEL stations allowing a more complete safe houses with stations in the future.

Though Skvadern does have a bike station outside the bunker, a few more would be nice down he line. Note that both of these safe houses are DLC content - so would then cover a base game, Alpine Unrest, and FNIX Rising so everyone gets one.

Alpine Unrest, Bjortunet Hotel - Main Reception ( Guarded by Soldier )

FNIX Rising, Ringfort - Veronika’s terminal ( Currently not in use )

Neat idea. However, it doesn’t make sense lore wise since FNIX can hack those standard white PCs. Essentially everything that is hardwired to the NET, can be hacked by FNIX. Current FMTEL stations are standalone and seem to operate via radio signal.

Oh, FMTEL could stand for: “FM frecuency intel station”.


Speaking of lore, I hope the devs can give these FMTEL stations some lore on how the players got hold of them or who even made them in the first place.

Spot on Clarity as always - I had overlooked the FNIX influence.

Mobile FMTEL stations you could craft just came to mind though - now that’s an idea…

My current theory: brought to Östertörn by Soviet troops (if you’ve been around before February '21 update) or part of the standard issue equipment of Swedish Armed Forces (if you’re new player in GZ and started playing post-February '21 update).

Other than accepting new assignments anywhere you are, i see no other use for it’s mobility. Since you can track the in-progress ones and get the reward magically upon completion as well.

Though, as far as crafting those goes, we’d need schem for it.

On balance then I would imagine things will stay as is.