Safehouse in eastern part of farmlands - how to get in?


There is a safehouse in the eastern part of the Farmlands region at coordinates 295,-1330 at an Aircraft hangar (ANL, unspecified on map). As usual, there is a bike station outside, but when you go in the door to the safehouse inside is locked. When I try to unlock it scans but says denied.
Anyone know how to get inside, is there a specific mission that unlocks the door to the safehouse inside? Thanks :sunglasses:


It is a secret to everybody.

No, but seriously. I have no clue. It’s been neither confirmed nor denied if it’s a bug, or room for future content. So we’ll have to see.


We found what you have shown many months ago and i tried alot of searching the area for a pass and also used explosive’s to try and ragdoll through door ( desperate times ) , so as off yet we shall have to wait and see , also if you goto FOA Facility and head west towards lighthouse there is an underground locked door , located on cliff face opposite lighthouse ._ after next ’ update’ i wll go and Recheck both area’s just incase . :+1:


Deliberate glitching into locked areas isn’t something I encourage. Though for the sake of the discussion I can admit that ended up respawning inside the closed bunker under Norrmyra once. It resembles the other command bunkers, but there’s a bunch of stuff missing and you can get stuck there easily so there’s not much to see yet.


So you accidentally let a bomb off and consequently merged through to the other side , yes that happens to me alot , good job . I will take that confession and add it to the accidental miss-adventure science job list :lab_coat::eyeglasses::page_with_curl: :+1:


Where? i cant find it :frowning: