Safehouse "Lilla Hammarnäs" keeps disapearing

This safe house keeps changing between “unlocked” and “locked” and sometimes it is even not there.
This happens in several worlds and also in multiplayer (on friends worlds).
Has not happend to any other safehouse I think…

Hi Skodge, welcome to the forum.

It would help a lot if you added what platform you are playing on.

You say different worlds, each world needs the safe house to be unlocked, once unlocked in that world it should remain unlocked, same goes for joining other hosted maps. Just because you unlock in one world doesn’t mean it is unlocked in them all.

So please give a little more detail to make sure it is a bug.

Should… But that did happen for me to.
Some times in a row after unlocking Lilla Hammarnäs it turned to undiscovered in the next session.
Just short after that, all safehouses got lost again for me.
Didn’t test it yet after the new update (has it already arrived in Playstation?)

I’ve unlocked it on my own “primary” world were I have done all the story and sidemissions and built bases, there it keeps beeing locked/unlocked when all others remain unlocked.

I have joined a friends world and the same situation is there, there I cannot even unlock it sometime on the map even thouigh I’m standing right in it.

If I quit and rejoin my own world or my friends it is sort of random if it unlocks/is locked.

I started a new world and just gunned for that safe house to check, and it was a similiar behavior.

The really strange thing is that it is only that safehouse. My theory is that it is to close to the FNIX base or something…

(yes I understand that safe houses state are in the state of the “world” and not the player).

I play on PC/Steam (latest version as of todays patch)

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