Salthamn Weapon Location


Can someone help me out with a weapon location? I’ve looked at Youtube vids, forum posts, etc and cannot find a very simple one. In the town of Salthamn, it tells me there is one weapon to locate, and for the life of me I cannot find it. I’ve found the shotgun at the Salthamn IP sports fields in the truck, but the one back in the town of Salthamn is driving me crazy.

I only want the damn thing for the XP of locating all of the weapons in a given area.

Thanks in advance.


There’s a ** Möller PP on a table in the bunker, maybe that’s it?


Does anyone know where I can find a collimator aiming gun 5 * ?? One I already have but I need a second weapon. :slight_smile:


I don’t know which gun you’re referring to, but keep doing missions and you’ll come across a few different 5* weapons. You can also take down FNIX Tanks (Class 3, the black ones with red wires) which can also drop any 5*weapon type.


That’s the one. I was looking for the weapon aswell and I followed your suggestion and found it. Thank you!