Same Experimental Weapons keep dropping

I am level 39; I have spent the last two weeks grinding every day between 4 and 8 hours a day.

I have been farming level 4 Rivals " Spetsnaz, FNIX, Apocalypse ", Base Defense, Base attack, 3 Reapers, in the 3 hardest regions of the Map, with the threat level bouncing between 23 and 25,

I have had around.
14 x Exp Kluake 17
3 x Exp Pump Action Shotguns
6 x EXP Grg m/49
8 x EXP Algstudsare
1 x EXP KVM 89

It is annoying to keep getting the same drops over and over again, when it takes so long to grind the Rivals and areas up.

There needs to be some filter that looks and says this player has had these weapons, drop something else.

I stopped playing two years ago because of this, and I am at the point of quitting again, yes the experimentals need to be a bit difficult to get, but not to the point the player just gives up and stops playing the game altogether, if I can never get to try the weapons in the game and have some fun then there is no point in playing the game.

Yes Bro, you play in Xbox?

Same here ,constantly seeing PM-71 and PM-71 extended 5* magazine -playing on Xbox One
Started happening after companion update.

If you are hunting only in 3 regions, you may want to venture into other regions. And you can still collect exp weapons off level 1-4 rivals. It is not uncommon for me to see two exp weapons in rivals and I destroy all but level 4 rivals on my map, but I hunt in 6 regions regularly. Last night I destroyed a level 1 rival in the forest region and had 1 KVM 89 level 6 and 3 level 5 weapons with assorted other goodies. I don’t collect to many weapons anymore.

That’s just a matter of bad luck or fortune.

In general I get all kinds of experimentals, some more and some less often.

The topic is about experimental weapons, not DLC weapons, but for them it’s the same.

There are different loot pools for basic stuff and for each DLC, so it can happen that you even get multiple weapons or attachments from just one enemy.

DLC stuff therefore can also repeat more often than base game stuff. There were times where I got a N9 from almost every second enemy on Himfjäl.

That’s btw also a matter of which types and classes of machines you destroy most times, as some weapons are just bound to specific machines. Just think about the 4c AG4, which is dropped by every harvester. But in that case I would bet for a bug instead of some kind of (bad) luck.

Finally in my eyes the loot pools need some general review by the devs.

Sorry forgot to say I am on PC.

Also I can not count :slight_smile: it is 4 Regions I have been farming, Forest, Marshlands, Farmlands, and the Island from the DLC.

Try adding the north and south coast. South has bases, north does not. But adding those two may change your luck on what you find.

Well another 8 hours today, different regions including the south, different level Rivals, Base assault.

4 EXP x Algustdsare
1 x KVM 89

Even tried uninstalling the game and reinstalling, this is ridiculous.

Something else…
Are you still missing some experimental weapons?
Which ones?

What’s your general loadout? Maybe this is in relation to what you get.

The only experimentals I have are what is listed, that is all that drops.

Exp Kluake 17
Pump Action Shotguns
Grg m/49
KVM 89

I take the Agustsare, KVM89, and Grg m/49 experimentals, and a Gold AK47, Gold SMP5.

I had this exact problem 2 years ago, kept getting the Klauke 17, Shotgun, Grg m/49, and I got one PVG. gave up playing because of this.

OK, I’m just missing the experimental sledgehammer, so I don’t care anymore which weapons I find or get.

But I can say that I get what I’ve got most times.
I walk around with
*Exp AG4
*Exp KVM59
*Exp 12G
*Exp Granatgevär
*Exp PVG
*5c flamethrower
*Exp Klauke
*Exp Magnus
in my backpack. Most times I use the exp AG4, the exp PVG and the exp granatgevär.

I must admit that I get the exp kpist less often than others, but I still get it from time to time. Same with the exp Älgstudsare.

Maybe there is a failed bad luck protection that raises the chances of getting what you already have instead of the opposite.

If you use a weapon with 7.62 you get the appropriate ammo more often. Or if you have just few adrenalines you find more of them. But in case of experimental weapons it works wrong.

You could try to carry other weapons (non-experimentals) while doing base assaults or killing rivals.

Are there any rules for getting experimental weapons? Do specific machines drop some of them more often than others? Is there any relation to what you’re currently carrying?

Finally, in frustration I went and killed a level one harvester prototype, and got the EXP Kpist. YAY :slight_smile: