Save audio settings Swedish==>English


Hi Devs,
in the game the audio logs are in Swedish but since I can’t understand Swedish and you offer the settings to switch it to English I set this option. This setting however doesn’t saves. I have to set it in each session again.
I open this as a Feedback/Feature Request because it is probably not a bug but intended.


yes it’s intended
I keep mine on the Swedish language but options like that should not have to be reset every game. maybe the devs will listen, enough people complained about the multiplayer settings and they finally changed that.


Thank gd for the multi-player change, yes.

Here’s to hoping they’ll get the language toggle sorted the same way. Weirder still, display mode (window/borderless window/fullscreen) seems to save sometimes – and then at other times, it resets to that most useless and annoying of modes, fullscreen. You’d think they’d just fix the saving of settings for all these things at once, rather than fixing just multiplayer, and just leaving the rest broken for another few months. WTH, Avalanche. :smiley: