Save space add gun lockers

I feel like we should have a separate place to store our guns like a gun locker or something because when you keep the attachments weapons equipment and weapons in one storage locker you don’t exactly have enough room when you have so much ammo and weapons and everything that it just becomes too much but you don’t wanna get rid of anything so please add a gun locker so we can have a place to store guns separately

A gun locker for one of each gun, where you could watch your guns without entering a menu, would be ok.
Would look could to see them all in best quality finally.

Anything else:
If you now add a gun locker by same weight of plundra, in a few months some would ask for a great ammo box or a storage for the attachments.

You would be able to store the attachments in the gun locker on the weapons

But it wouldn’t be the same weight as the plundra box since the plundra stores everything

There would only be enough room for a certain amount of guns and the amount could be increased through leveling it up like everything else

What the …?
Have you upgraded your storage box?
If so, how much space could you possibly need?
Ammo, throwables and trap objects are intended for use, not for storage!
You can store 2-3 x of every weapon and attachment, and still have plenty of room for the most important consumables.

Are you aware that GZ started out with no storage box, and a much, much smaller carry capacity than we have now? Back then you had to prioritize ruthlessly, and leave loads of good stuff behind.

The huge capacity we have now is an extreme luxury compared to how it was before.
We cannot seriously claim to need even more…

Um try another 100 or 200 I has too much ammo

Recycle it, use it for your base defenses or throw away what you don’t need.

I just have one of each weapon in best quality (I found so far) in my plundra, about 2 of each attachment in best quality (I found so far) and lots of ammo I use and more than enough of equipment which I use… Plus 75 firework boxes (1kg each) in my box, and I’m currently at about 330kg.

@Divine_Demon as @NJR87 just said, that’s luxury.