Save specialisation skill


Hi Devs,
I have a bug where I have to reselect my specialisatzion skill every time I start the game.
If I set “Engineer” and restart the game the active skill is always “Sniper”.
Could you please save my last choosen skill?

Steps To Reproduce:
You need “Sniper” and “Engineer” (don’t know whether other combinations have the same problem).
Activate “Engineer” and restart the game.
After restart the skill “Sniper” is active.

Images / Videos:
I can make images if you need some.

Host or Client:
Singleplayer so Host

Players in your game:
None but me

Win 10 64bit
Intel Core i7-4770K
Nvidia GTX 980


I agree. I use the ‘Engineering’ skill almost exclusively. However, every time I load the game it is saved on the ‘Hacker’ specialization, as this is the last one I achieved. I have to remember to go into the menu>select skill>select Engineering. Please fix. Thanks and Best Regards to the Devs.


Reviving this post as I would appreciate it to once again be looked into.

You shouldn’t have to re-select your specialism every time you load.

Xbox for reference.