Savegames keep getting lost

Platform: Only XBox

Description: I’ve started from scratch three times in the past few weeks after the game crashed

Steps To Reproduce: when firing weapons or crafting or using a door crashes the game and the save is unusable

Host or Client: one time multiplayer two times soloplayer

Specifications: I only use XBox and i bought the game

And slowly I’m starting to get very disappointed after playing this game from the start

did you buy it from store or an actual disc?
Now I’m an Xbox One S (Oldest console) player and my game does sometimes kill itself, but rarely.
One more important question is how far you get, since the game autosaves every (Insert time value here) minutes. Have you made it to the church yet?

The game saves everytime you close the menus as well.

What’s happening to @Anduin2002 is that their save data is getting corrupted when they crash, which has happened to me 4 times on PS4 as well.

First time i lost two yaers of gameplay. With friend i got my sutff back fast but by now everybody in my crew lost his savegame once or more