Saves all gone due to stupid bug, Soviet detection, and machine spawns

I play console.
So, I’ve had several times where there was a “user licensing update” in which, all of my saved data would be removed and would no longer exist anywhere. Don’t tell me to go anywhere, I’ve most likely tried and plus, I won’t be returning to GZ UNTIL this horrible bug in a horribly bugged game is fixed.
Another thing, the damage radius for the Spetsnaz class Firebird’s auto cannon should be lowered significantly because even in a bunker or on the opposite side of a house or ANYTHING ELSE, it can hurt me, but not anything else that too uses explosives, it doesn’t make sense
Third and final, the detection radius of all of the Soviet machines should be revamped completely. It is horrible, I’ll be standing a good 400 meters away when the red detected meter pops up and I’m shot from who the Hell knows where. These machines could be fighting the Swedish machines and STILL will target me instead of the several hunters runners and whatever else I happen to come across because these things are way to closely packed together.
I’ll destroy a tank, then I’ll destroy a pack of runners, then a harvester shows up so I have to fight that AND the hunters it spawns, then I get bitch slapped by a missile from a couple hundred meters away due to ANOTHER runner pack that appeared out of nowhere. It’s just to much, I want to be able to look at and appreciate the stunning graphics without being tagged by a bunch of machines.

Which one?

If on PlayStation then providing you use PS Plus you (may) have a cloud save you can restore, plus you can manually copy your saves to a USB whenever you like. Also you can set the cloud back-up to be automatic (providing you use ‘rest mode’) or do it manually as and when.

On Xbox the cloud saves are automatic with no way to back-up to a local USB, but you could delete the local save and restore your cloud save and hope that it hasn’t backed up your new empty one.

(If you’re on Xbox and you realise you’ve lost data when you open the game then deleting the local save from the guide without quitting the game will force the game to close and restore the cloud save next time you launch it. This would prevent an empty save being backed up over the top of an existing one.)

at the moment im having that problem, i keep getting hit with the licence update thing, and the save i just made is no good, :cold_sweat: , so i have to go back to a save before i just made, 2 usbs and ive been getting licence update bug all day long trying to figure out what is going on, frustrating

when I exit the game, I save to one usb, however, when I go back in the game, license update bug, AND that USB save I just made, also no good, so i have to upload from the OTHER usb save i made a couple earlier :dizzy_face: frustrating

and the spinning save icon is always showing up, everything looks not normal