Saves issue after 19,09 small patch


Platform: PC
Description: When I launched the game after today patch it wouldn’t load my save files.

Steps To Reproduce: Just start the game.

Host or Client: Host

Players in your game: Singleplayer

Specifications: i5 4670K, 16G RAM, GTX 1070

FIX: Copy savegame files from (some large number) folder to released_default/(some large number) folder and replace (check last modification date of files to be sure)


My saved game is gone… could you plzz make a guide for how to get it back.
I dont understand your fix??


Go to YourDocuments/Avalanche Studios/GenerationZero/Saves

There You have a folder with some numbers (there are your save games) and the one called released_default. Copy content of numbers folder to released_default/numbers