Saving crafting items in storage boxes

We would like to see the ability to move steel, plastic, and other crafting materials from our inventories to the storage boxes at the safehiuses.

That would mean more coding, storage boxes and recycle station inventories would have to merge together.

250KG limit might be enough for a starter but I think it would be better if they changed it to 300KG instead of merging both inventories together…harder work you know!!

Remember, you can put materials in your recycle station!!
This is what the recycle station looks like:

Also another thing, be aware as to what kind of materials you need, if you have no space left then make some!! That 1.5k Steel/plastic can be lowered by 500 and it won’t do a lot!! (you can also farm them very easily!)

I’m not sure if my comment helped, but keep an eye out on your inventory!! Thread, Plastic, Steel and textile can be easily found!

100 is already too much, sir…
Personally I would remove that all together, but that is not up to me.
The game went from survival shooter to hoard game.

I would suggest to keep the limit as is, sir.

it all depends on the person BUT now that they added REAL CRAFTING (MEDS AND AMMO), the Materials will be more scarce and it’ll not come cheap…

just by getting some SMG ammo costs you a fair amount of materials, believe me, once you have the schematics, you will need more materials than you thought!

As it should be, sir, I guess…
We already are god ingame.
No need to make it even worse?
And yes, it does make that worse, sir…

But that’s me.

I have to agree 250 is enough. I have 3 mules and 250 which means I am hoarding way more than I need plus I must be gaining after each engagement to build up so much loot

This is what I said.
The game became a hoarding sim…
My God, where are we heading too…