Saving outfit styles

Hello, so i was thinking it would be awesome to have a feature in the clothing where you can save your character clothing styles maybe a few slots so we dont have to keep re dressing changing etc
example slot one all stealthy resistance clothes when i get bored of that i hit the 2nd box that has him wearing all ski stuff and when i bored of that hes fnix outfit etc etc save time and favorites would be ready to go in one click . What y all think hehe hope the devs consider this . Pleeeeease


Like putting together a loadout preset and saving that away to save time… Would be cool to see, both for weapons/equipment and for appearance.

Not sure if it’d be something the devs could work in. Might be one of those things that would have to be planned for early in game development, to allow for it.

Have you two thought of maybe using different characters to swap out that wear different clothes and different weapons with different skills sets? I did this while I was doing the missions. Different characters for different missions.

If I needed to pick a lock or two to complete a mission I switched to a character that had the skill. Then I can build a better fighter character, or a better commando to go on resupply machines and so on.

The game is about spending time doing tasks that you want to do. My girlfriend likes to change outfits for the weather or the location. If we are playing together, I am always having to wait for her to keep switch things out, but that is how real life is at times too.

Using different characters for different things is fine, too, but it isn’t exactly a perfect solution. For one, it means leveling up those other characters completely. All well and good, for people who have been around a while and done that already—no problem.

For a lot of other folks, though, that is a lot of time they could use doing something else…going through the motions to fully level four characters quickly could lead to burn-out, loss of interest in the game in general, and if they happen to run into a bugged mission that can’t be completed, well, even higher chance… And everybody has other games they’d like to play, too.

Even with my different characters, I may not want to run whatever different outfit they may have at any given time, may wish I had some ‘magic’ wardrobe and equipment loadout feature to juggle things around at the click of a button.

But, of course, not everybody gets into the fashion aspect of any game, don’t care to look the part, or just aren’t going to bother swapping outfits because the weather changed or their camo pattern doesn’t match the terrain or the shift from night to day or vice versa… Plenty of people running around with whatever they just picked up that came with whatever stats, no matter the look. Dead Rising’s Freak Suits… Not everyone would benefit from, use, or care in the least for this feature.

But, now that you mention skillsets as well, there’s a third way to include custom loadouts. Quick respecs… But that one I do feel shouldn’t really be a thing. We’re not supposed to be respeccing all the time, often enough that we should need skillset loadouts. But our weapons, equipment, and damage resistances or other bonuses tied to our outfit pieces—like a gasmask…some of that stuff we are pretty much supposed to be swapping out pretty often. Gasmask, what a great way to go off-topic at the drop of a hat. But, there is already that other thread all about how great it’d be to have the ability to quickly put on/take off the gasmask, so I’ll stop here.