Saving problems

Ok I stil have saving issues on Xbox /s
It saves only the fmt daily boring missions.
Basebuilding does not save augmenting weapon does not save main missions does not save side missions does not save. Looting is pointless this way. Oh and vreating a new world does’t help either
The game is stored and saves on the internal drive.
I deleted and reinstalled the game No changes.
So what can I do?

Do you always quit the game regularly?

Press start, exit to main menu, close/quit the app, shut down console or do you use power saving mode for quick resume?

Is there a way to compare the cloud save file and the local save file? Maybe it always saves to, for example local, but loads the game from cloud or vice versa?

Fmtel is saved to your avalanche apex connect account.

I did al.the above nothing helps

I have no idea how to do that

Xbox always saves to local and then backs up to the cloud.

When launching the game it uses local saves but compares the cloud save to the local and if they differ in any way it asks which you want to use.

If you select the cloud save it overwrites the local save with the copy from the cloud and uses that.

Then as soon as you close the game, it syncs the local save to the cloud for next time.


Ok, thanks, didn’t know that.

Im am also having this problem. Ive even tryied to play offline, but it still wont save any progress of any kind.

maybe this will help. hopefully it will…