Schematic inside blocked building

The two star schematic for the Bullet-Resistant Shirt is still inside the downstairs of the barn at Ramsboda -1944,-2219 that got blocked out in the landfall update. I had to place a field radio inside the barn trough a window to get the schematic.

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Another one, eh? Good to know, thanks for reporting it :+1:

I did the field radio trick too but no schematic anywhere in the locked section of the barn. There is also 2 hold here to pick up stuff points in the container in yhe yard that cannot be accessed due to 2 wooden russian crates on top of them.

Schematics don’t matter anymore.
You can unlock them simply with schematic points which you earn by doing something.
For example for getting DLC crafting schematic points you need to craft DLC items.

True you can complete the schematics tree in a different way, but some locations, for instance show 0/1 schematics found, and some players, like me, want that location to show 1/1 schematic. :coffee:

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my map is 100% of all the 0/3, 0/4, 0/1, etc etc etc, :wine_glass: with exception of glitches like those & others I can’t control, like on himfial island, there’s a ski bar thing that still says 0/1 weapon, because of some glitch update thing, it remains 0/1

But you can’t get 100% out of a location unless you pick it up? Doesn’t this mean you can’t get 100% of the collectables?

Also I bought the Generation Zero Ultimate for PS4, which is a bit of a disappointment since 3 of the addons/DLC aren’t part of it. So some of the schematics are locked and can’t be made by points.

The promise made in PS store about the bundle: “The Generation Zero® - Ultimate Bundle includes all mission and story content released up until now, as well as providing you with a huge arsenal of weapons and tools to help you fight back more effectively.”

Missing packs: Generation Zero® - Advanced Intelligence Cosmetics Pack, Generation Zero® - Companion Accessories Pack and Generation Zero® - Tactical Equipment Pack 2.

The second Tactical Equipment Pack contains 5 new equipment items for players to use:

• Toy Car Lure -
• Sensory Jammer -
• Hacking Dart -
• Remote-Controlled Tick -
• Portable Homing Turret -


Unfortunatly you can’t get 100% of every location because of some bugged counters, missing or missplaced weapons or schematic points.
But you can get 100% of the collectibles, needed for challenges and trophies.

The ultimate bundle wasn’t and isn’t always up to date, like they write in the describtion. Releasing new bundles or updating existing ones isn’t something they can do when they want. It also depends on the platforms. At least that’s how they once explained it.

Oh and if you bought the bundle half a year ago you cannot expect to get all upcoming DLCs.

If you’re missing a DLC that you wish to have, you have to buy it. By that you also get access to the schematics out of these packages.

The Ramsboda schematic was fixed and is now normally reachable.

Yeah, I went back for it again and found it there too. Then came here to update only to find your post :rofl:

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