Schematics Blocked by latest update

The 2nd tier bullet resist schematic is now blocked by Russian junk! The schematic according to a video I watched is supposed to be at Ramsboda in the marshlands. It’s on a shelf in the barn just after the interior entry way to the stables. That entry is now blocked by russian boxes and the outer stable doors are boarded up.
I’m kinda pissed about this. I spent over an hour scouring the property becuase the map indicated that a schematic was there. In frustration I looked up what schematic was there and watched the video. This schematic is no longer accessible thanks to some developing oversight. I’m realy wanting to hurl insults right now but I will refrain.

Oh I was on the xbox platform streaming from the cloud. (I have to stream because of the constant crashing while playing from the hard drive)

It’s likely the schematic was moved since the area was revamped. That has happened before. Guides haven’t had time to be updated yet. Have a look around, it ought to be somewhere nearby.

It will still exist, just relocated nearby. The same issued occurred last year after the May update as I had a similar issue with a 2c schematic in Ostervik. As I had to, you will need to look around the original location a bit more.

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Go back to the farmhouse. Find one of the windows that looks into the stables. Shoot it out. Drop a field radio in there. Fast travel to it and you can get the schematic off the shelf. Fast travel out.