Schweet Vanity Pack Available for Purchase Now!


The new “Schweet Vanity Pack” customisation is now available for purchase ($4.99/€4.99 or local equivalent) here on the Steam store. Containing four customisation clothing sets, (Explorer, Miami, Tourist, and the VERY Swedish Midsummer set) the machine-apocalypse has never looked so good!


Al lot of people don’t like to pay for this kind of DLC, but I don’t mind. I like the game so very much, I can’t wait for you guys to bring us more stuff. Loves from Holland.


This is the kind of DLC I dont mind as being paid


is there going to be any DLC that isn’t costumes that will be paid


also i would expect paid features as standard on free games but not on a game that i spent £35 on


The DLC is just cosmetic and completely optional. If you’re looking for a reason, you can buy it if you want to help supporting the developers.


ok i may think of buying it


the DLC is just cosmetic and has no effect on gameplay so being paid and optional is not a problem. If they decided to charge for new weapons or storage I could see why people would be upset.


How about character customization on a deep deep level so I can make my toon chubby and use that Miami skin to look like the kid named Chunk in “Goonies”.


Aye Thank’s Team , gonna get me that Indiana Outfit cheer’s :smiley:


This is not dlc but cosmetic but microtransactions making people pay for cosmetics and claiming its dlc you guys should be Ashamed this is clearly microtransactions


As long as its only cosmetic i see no problem with this. Its your own choice if you want to dress up like Sonny Crockett or not. It does not give you any advantage in the game.



This is not dlc but cosmetic but microtransactions making people pay for cosmetics and claiming its dlc you guys should be Ashamed this is clearly microtransactions

Hey, nobody is forcing you to buy this. It’s not something that affects gameplay or the game world. It’s completely optional if people want to add more visual stuff to their game and support the devs in the process. That’s all it is.


DLC = downloadable content, it’s a word that can be used for something paid, or free. A micro-transaction is just a term for a smaller DLC, often in the sub-$3 region.

I should also mention we aren’t “making” anybody purchase anything. But to those who do chose to buy the item and enjoy it, we are appreciative. :slight_smile:


A microtransaction is a repeatable purchase, usually coming in the form of an exhaustible in game currency or a random “loot box” scenario while a DLC is a single purchase where you get everything you are told you will get in a single purchase.


to me, micro transactions would be if they sold us ammo, weapons or exp boosts, things that gave us an advantage in the game without having to work for them.
These are just cosmetic items. they offer no bonus stats, if anything they give us a slight disadvantage because by using these items we are not using items that have a stat bonus. (if the clothing stats even do anything Does clothing stats work or not?)


Yes exactly! if they were selling us something like ammo or something where we would have to keep buying whatever it was, i’d be asking questions then lol but this stuff is harmless, and good for the team if we choose to take part in buying :smiley:


I don’t see anything to complain about here. It’s cosmetic goodies that you can choose to purchase if you wish, or not if you don’t. It’s not something I want, but I’m all for adding DLC of this type and giving people options if they wish.