Science of Deduction Bug

**Platform: Windows 10

**Steps To Reproduce: Reloaded STEAM, reloaded game, go to both entrances of FOA facility, rekilled tanks, hunters, dogs, etc. Hung out in the shed by the car for a couple of hours, fast traveled to multiple safehouses.

**Images / Videos:![image|400x215](upload://9bbnFoJfA6DvkVrtJOMqEWSG3ZD.jpeg) 

**Host or Client: Solo

**Players in your game:Solo 


Science of Deduction, have the cassette, the log in manifest, the shipment manifest. Final key is supposed to be in a white Bjork, pic attached. After at least 10 attempts the key is not there. I've looked for help in the discord spoilers room and everyone they've posted makes me think it's a bug. I went to Von Ulmer's house in case I'd picked it up but it didn't show and the house is still locked.

Spent some time watching more vids and there's a cassette ref to the white Bjork that isn't triggering, it's next to the warehouse with the trucks inside, one of the office/washcar buildings.

Restarted again and the cassette appeared, not sure why.

Bug is gone or wasn't really there.