Science of Deduction (can't progress)

Platform: PC

Description: I cannot progress through the mission “Science of Deduction”, because when I go to
the location market on the map which is a bunker like gates, they not supposed to open and should tell me to go somewhere else, but for some reason they do open and I dont progress…

Steps To Reproduce: I think what I did wrong, was completing mission “Behind the Curtain” before I actually went to the bunker Warboard (dont ask how this happened, did some exploring in coop long time ago and probably messed up something with mission continuity)

Host or Client: Host/SOLO

Players in your game: SOLO

Specifications: i5 4690K, 8GB RAM, GTX1660 Ti, Windows 10


Not fixed after the last update

Just to be sure, you haven’t done this mission as co-op have you? Either client or host?

no I don’t think so

We actually found out it’s bugged for all three of us (me and two friends)


anyone knows if this is fixed in January?, because I can’t check right now

Crossposting is against the rules. Rather make another detailed report in this thread, and we’ll see what can be done about the issue.

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Got the same problem. Ps4 pro

Same here. Completed Behind the Curtain first

still not fixed.

Fine tho. I don’t mind starting over. Oh wait there is no thing as “new game” lol