Science of Deduction (can't progress)


Platform: PC

Description: I cannot progress through the mission “Science of Deduction”, because when I go to
the location market on the map which is a bunker like gates, they not supposed to open and should tell me to go somewhere else, but for some reason they do open and I dont progress…

Steps To Reproduce: I think what I did wrong, was completing mission “Behind the Curtain” before I actually went to the bunker Warboard (dont ask how this happened, did some exploring in coop long time ago and probably messed up something with mission continuity)

Host or Client: Host/SOLO

Players in your game: SOLO

Specifications: i5 4690K, 8GB RAM, GTX1660 Ti, Windows 10


Not fixed after the last update

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Just to be sure, you haven’t done this mission as co-op have you? Either client or host?


no I don’t think so

We actually found out it’s bugged for all three of us (me and two friends)


anyone knows if this is fixed in January?, because I can’t check right now


Crossposting is against the rules. Rather make another detailed report in this thread, and we’ll see what can be done about the issue.


Got the same problem. Ps4 pro