Science of deduction mission

Can’t do Science of deductiondue to doing Iron curtain first
Steps To reproduce:
Discover the north coast area bunker in multiplayer. Completed iron curtain in single player. Rediscovered north coast area bunker. Couldn’t complete science of deduction. Can’t achieve platnium without it.

Shouldn’t be able to complete iron curtain with science of deduction or shouldn’t block area off.

Your issue is that it has bricked because of the multiplayer x over. You may be able to do a forced mission start using a brand new character, and heading back to multiplayer.

So, create a new player and head to multplayer. Head to mission start point, and get it to trigger as active mission. Travel to the nearest safehouse to mission start, then restart the game and use your main profile. Mission should force re-start allowing it to track and complete - but solo only. Do not return to multiplayer during this mission.

I got the mission done. I did mostly what you said. I went into multiplayer and found someone who hasn’t done it and I completed it with them. Quit there world. Went back to mine. It advanced the mission where it goes past the 1st part and to the part to find clues at the compound. I’m sure your way would have worked too.

Thanks for the update. With issue solved, i’ll close this topic.