Scope Glitch/bug + acog sights rendering ironsights (Now Fix)


All of the scopes with mods or not, looks like this for me, that they are “shifted” to the right almoste. the are still accurate but the view is terrible,

then the acog sights are rendering the ironsights and not glowing. (dont know if it should)
and you can se that on the acog picture there is missing a half moon of the image in the right down corner.

(Edit, just dont have dynamic resolution on and it will work)

"Model removal" bugged for scope when using dynami scaling

The ACOG doesn’t glow and it really should. Perhaps a faint glow for the low end ones, but brighter and sharper for the higher end ones.

As for your other problem, that’s messed up. I haven’t had that happen to me yet.


Are you using your’s monitor native resolution? or are you using higher and sampling it down to native?


I’m using the recommended resolution for my monitor, when i turn the resolution down, and then back up again it’s good for about 1 sec then it goes back to it’s glitchy state. thanks for the respond tho.

(Edit) i just turned off dynamic resolution and its back to normal , lol… but still it shouldn’t do that i suppose?


i have encauntered the poroblem mut togling off mean the game goes from 24FPS “good” to a slomotion at 14FPS thei dont have fixed also that problem occured later in advanced stage