Scope sensitivity

Scope sensitivity on the red dot for an example is ridiculously slow. I would enjoy a sensitivity bar in the settings for this.
I use Xbox

Thanks. Verifydled66


I agree on ps5.
Which system do you use?

I would recommend giving the proportinal aim setting a go, its located in game settings i think. Unless your using controller then youll need to wait for devs to finally fix the sens not adjusting at all.

This is an issue on PC too, using red dots is terrible.
I hope the devs look in to this issue.

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scope is slower than red dot iron sights seems the best in term of speed

I would argue that red dots and LPO´s should be faster than iron sights.

This is from IRL experience, when I shoot with red-dots and LPO´s it is much easier and faster to acquire a target accurately than with irons.

When it comes to high magnified scopes it should be even faster moving since with high magnification any small movement of the rifle will be amplified by the magnification. Now the game have it backwards :stuck_out_tongue:

I think the devs need to go out shooting for real.

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