Scrap Metal mission


Hey guys, been playing the game for a couple of weeks now and loving it it’s so good !
Basically how I work is when I get to a new region, I go straight to the local bunker and then I loot the entire region, never missing a village.
However I thought I’ve finished the City (or Forest) region, but now I see on the Fandom website there is a Scrap Metal mission in this region? Do any of you know where is the start of this mission?


I had a few goes of scrap metal, you got other machines to deal with first, they seam to be air dropped as I notice them landing, if you die they re-spore.
also the last main mission the tank is a bugger to take out, I used 6 high explosive HEDP 2 EMP from the m/49, 2 EPM batteries, 30 hand grenades, 20 sticky flares and 15 fireworks and bits where coming off everywhere but it killed me as ticks come out all the time, used about 300 plus 7.62 from the A1-76 4 stars rating. and it still there.
hope it some help.


OP asked from where the Scrap Metal side mission starts and all you do, is to describe how to take the tank out, once you have the side mission. This isn’t helping.

What is helping, is to state where Scrap Metal side mission starts - Tornberget (1025, 380).


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