Screen Black out!

Platform: Xbox 1

Description: Walking through a wooded area the began to go black( in a blocky way. I FT to a safehouse.I could access the map,inventory screen Ok. My characters view is blocked by a black screen.only moving round on the spot pulls the black from the edges briefly. Quit game and restarted, black screen still there.

Steps to reproduce: Bug not gone.

Images: Took a screenshot, gamertag:- malafein


Players: Solo


Well after 30-40 minutes out of the game I reloaded and the Black screen has gone :sunglasses:. It’s a pain so should be checked out and squished. But if anyone experiences this get to a safe house and quit the game. Reload to soon and it could be still there so quit again :grin:


Is this the bug you had?

I got rid of it by sprinting.


Additional info:
Xbox One X with september update installed.
Was fighting a tank using the Sjöquist when the “censor bar” appeared out of nowhere
Character was created back in April and has several other bugs, immune to damage from ticks and yellow gas among others.
Seems like it is stuck to the crosshair

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I’ve had the same issue. Idk what causes this.

This is exactly what happened. I also have found that fast movement sometimes get rid of it. I just spin round at a safe house. I’ve had it occur about 5-6 times now.

Heyo, this issue was also reported in this thread, and it’s been acknowledged as an issue so I’mma apply the tags on this post as well. Not sure how this thread slipped through the cracks but, better late than never :slight_smile:

Unlike the link provided, mine is a video straight from xbox which shows what happens with movement. But good to know the devs are aware of it.