Second Extinction, what do you think?

Is there going to be a separate domain forum for this game, or could it be added to this one?

Anyway, I just wishlisted this game and i think it looks great. In Steam it says that it is also co-op and single player, although it seems more of a co-op player game to me. I will buy it nevertheless, if I don’t like it or it is to hard I have at least supported the game studio. So what do you think about this game?

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I like GZ because it’s about destroying machines. In SE you have to attack (mutated) animals which I find not pleasing at all. Maybe it’s because I don’t like seeing animals being hurt at all (can’t even watch documentaries for that reason), I dunno. I’ll pass it :slight_smile:


Hell yes! I’m gonna play it right from early access! Bring on them dinos… :sunglasses:
And yes, the Second Extinction forum was opened several months ago… :slight_smile:

Do you only play games where no life is hurt? This is a bit of an ethical question, does it make you bad if you play games that takes lives of humans or animals? I think if you defend and therefore kill, it’s more accepted. But games where innocent beings are being killed, or if the game forces you to kill by offering you two choices where you have kill unarmed or innocent people, animals, then I get the dilemma. Do I want to do this, and convince myself it’s just a game?

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On a different domain?

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Cool, I signed in…

Me too. Although, I won’t write much before I try the game :slight_smile:

Well I play The Long Dark in parallel to GZ. There I hunt of course but it’s not mission based or to gain entry to an area or else it’s purely out of survival necessity. You won’t last for long without hunting of fishing.
Of course there is the occassional defending when being attacked but when I attack I do it for survival, harvesting meat and more.
SE seems to me a bit too much of searching for a fight to just gain XP and loot. Maybe I’ll try it on Steam for some time. I have to look at gameplay footage to get a more precise impression.

It’s a nope for me for obvious reasons.

I share @knobitobi opinion at this point. For me it has a history: At a young age I was a marksman and highly trained to hit a target that is no bigger than the fingernail of the little finger. Later in my army service I shot the military targets. To me, a human target at 200 m seems as big as a barn door. That’s why I’m always aware of my responsibility when I pick up a gun. For me that was one of the reasons to choose GZ, because I don’t have to shoot a living being.
I tried a lot of games with my son. He plays Call of Duty, Sniper, Assasin’s Creed and other war games. I can’t say that I was filled with joy when I shot the guards of a military camp at Sniper. Every time I landed a head hit, I was shown it in close-up and slomotion. It was like an indictment to me. I had killed people, albeit virtually. Certainly people with stable characters like you and me can distinguish between play and reality. But I still find it difficult to shoot a living being with it, even if it has mutated.
Still, I’ll check out the game on Steam. It is sure to have the same stunning graphics as GZ.

It is interesting to talk about these sorts of dilemmas people can have when choosing a game. I like shooters. So I played many of the famous (single player) shooter games. I do not play against real people. Most game developers know that it is wise to create enemies that make killing easier, like all the alien, monster and zombie games. But humans are a violent species, they will protect their loved ones and themselves if their safety is threatened. In real live I am a open and friendly guy, certainly not violent. Still I have no dilemma when playing shooters to a point. In roleplaying game I always choose the nice choices, because I want to play like I am.

But to me charging Dinosaurs or charging Machines feels the same to me. I feel no dilemma.


Mutated dinosaurs sounds more out of the ‘epic’ shoot shoot aspect that I don’t know if I’d enjoy. I won’t judge severely without trying, but for me it’s about how much sense can it make? Fun shooting gameplay will only last me for a while, so I’d need more to dig through, which I hope will be the case, but don’t see much sense out of mutated dinosaurs taking over :smiley:

Then again… Generation Zero and Military Top Secret Project: Volvo

Like I said I might not like it, I need of course see more footage and know more of the storyline if there is one. If it just shooting dinosaurus with no narrative, then it is not a game for me. I dislike repetitive games like Arena shooters.

This isn’t like gunning down reptiles in their natural habitat. These are genetically engineered beasts, bred to kill humans on sight. You’re doing nature a service by wiping them out! :wink:
I’m a hunter IRL, so I have no problem killing animals for food or for helping out an ecosystem, but animal cruelty makes my blood boil. Those are two different things. And of course, Second Extinction falls into neither of those categories. :wink:

Is it? Ok this changes my idea of the game. I need a story and a goal beyond simple killing animals, that doesn’t appeal to me. Well, I still can support the studio buy doing a giveaway among my steam Friends I’m sure some of them are interested to win a copy.

Check out the website and watch the trailers if you want to get the best idea of what the game is about. :slightly_smiling_face:

A very interesting theme, from what i saw, many people around this forum like Hunting games, i myself always feel bad killing deer rabbits and animals like that in games like Tomb raider, Far Cry or Red Dead Redemption.
On the other hand killing predators or humans trying to kill me looks fun to me.
But a question remains, why do people like to hunt at all? (either in video games or real life).

And no, killing mutant Dinos is perfectly fine for me :sweat_smile::+1: .

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So, gave a look to Second Extinction and while it’s graphics seem same as in GZ and combat mechanics are also very similar to GZ, Second Extinction looks way too similar to ARK: Survival Evolved and i’ll give it a hard pass.

Some gameplay footage here, which is actually good preview for Second Extinction:


Themewise it remembers me somewhat of “The Hunter - Primal” !?

Has anyone a date for release ? Can’t look it up too extensively while being in the office…