Second main mission (sanctuary, church with medikit bugged)

Hey guys,

I just started the game on ps5 with the 60fps update.
I stuck on the second mission where i should collect stuff for a medikit.

The first time i reached the church and wantes to collect the stuff i could only collect one bag (the green one was hidden). After i reloaded the game the other one did appear.
I already have the recipe and already crafted some kits.

But i can’t finish the mission still. It still says: collect the stuff for the medi kit

I believe you have to pick up 3 items outside the church for the medkit, but I’m not totally sure it was 3 since it been a while since I did this.

Edit: No it was 2.

Maybe you picked up the loot, before the game said you should. It always best to follow the instructions given on the upper left during these tutorial missions, and not stray and go killing or looting if not instructed.