Second way to use Grenades

Hi everyone, and Hi DEVs

I was on holiday for the last live broadcast, and was able to take part. Probably the only time I shall be able to, unless it’s on a Friday! I made a suggestion about grenades, as follows.

I don’t just want to throw a grenade. I want to flip a grenade as well. In this situation IRL, that is exactly what I would want to do. In the situation where I am besieged on a house, I can’t break the siege if there are too many outside. What I want to do is drop a grenade out of a window, or over a balcony, or out of the church tower.

Now I’ve thought about this since the broadcast, and in order to work properly, it would need to be like this: press the left mouse button, and you throw it. But if you try to throw through a window or even a door, the grenade catches the door frame or the lintel and blows you to bits. Now that’s absurd - no one does that with a grenade. Not twice, anyway…

But if the right button were used to “flip”, the animation would come up to the point of aim, and would “push” the grenade, perhaps two metres in front, exactly on the white spot. That would be the only way to get it through a broken window accurately, without hitting the frame and killing you. Likewise, you could “push” it over a balcony, or through a doorway. Imagine there is a Hunter behind the open door of a Church. You push the grenade two metres forward through the door and hide. Bang!

If you do this with your hand, you’ll see what I mean. Bring the hand up in front of your face and push it forwards. That is exactly how you actually flip a grenade through a small gap, like a broken window.

I think it would genuinely improve gameplay. It would be used almost exclusively by solo players, but would make their experience better. I can’t think of a downside. Flipping it over a balcony, or out through the back door would give you the opportunity to break the siege and find a better defensive position. It would add something, without taking anything away.

This use of a grenade does work in other games: in Half-Life 2 there is an alt-fire combination that does something similar.

It would be a wonderfully cool addition to an update. What do we all think?


Oh yes, yes, a very good idea! RMB on PC, but what at the controller?

I think it’s a good idea, adds more uses for the grenades and I don’t think it would be very hard to implement :slight_smile:

Whatever they use for right-clicking! How do they come up on aim?

:+1::+1::+1::+1::+1: great idea. I hope that becomes implemented in the game soon

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It would most likely be the left bumper for both XB/PS4 controllers. I think other utility items would benefit from this too, say if you were making a trap it would be nice and easy to drop the flare in a specific location that way and could be used for a bunch of fun strats as well. great idea @Bootie!


Or maybe double tap the d pad to change throwing positions. And have some kinda indication on the item box to symbolize over and under hand throwing. Maybe using the edges of it with colored triangles red up and blue* down

I also hope they swap left and right item box’s in menus cause it messes with my mind on placement on mental placement

Edit sorry for all my edits I use a phone and auto word is on. And having a 4 year old steals my observation

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