Seeker buff and new machines

Hello everyone, the seeker could use a buff to its main ability making it a threat instead of a flying peace metal that’s a little threatening.

To make the seeker actually scary if we don’t kill it.

The seeker can no longer be detective by the stealth indicator making it harder to find and you’re gonna have to listen to find the seeker.

The seeker should have increased detection range if the game can run it new gen should be able to maybe.

The seeker should be a little quiet making it that tad bit harder to find

The fun part!:grin:

Two new machines

AP = apocalyptic

The Seeker apocalyptic class should be very threatening to come across in your game the seeker can full roam anywhere around the map like rival hunter were or still are, they should be anywhere around the map but really rare to find.

The seeker AP class should be a end game machine after you completed the story so beginners don’t have to deal with it

The seeker AP will seek you across the map if you have been found by that seeker or you maybe have more depending if other seeker AP classes have found you.

When you come across it the seeker will always have two Special class hunters like the reaper tank class sorta roaming with the seeker and will never leave the seeker unless they see you, similar to the seeker they will be able to track you But letting other hunters classes know where you were in that last location.

Like in the farm land region if your still there they will roam around that general location not knowing your exact location but know where about you were last.

The special hunters will have the FINX explosive flechette shotgun but they will be able to hit their shots half the time not making them to op but reliable kinda, the secondary weapon should be a javelin rocket launcher making it the longest ranged weapon FINX will have said rocket can track you or other machines and should have the javelin arc up like the real life counter part.

you can counter the javelin using flares or firework Boxes has to be that firework not the throwable ones Tick pods that the player picks up are a counter to the rocket too, the rocket will have a cool down time not making it op 20-40s seconds long, hunters will have smoke rockets too, shooting at you with cool down time 3-5 seconds making the fight maybe a struggle sorta but fun.

The hunters will have FINX class ticks and will drop two each time, the hunters will have AP class Hunter Radiated blade.

The Ap class seeker will be like the other seeker and do the same abilities but AP class seeker will be threatening and will be a end game class of machine like the Reaper and the two hunters with it one or two AP class seeker in the hole map should be better their for your not just gonna keep running into one every minute.

I think this will spice game play knowing there’s always gonna be a seeker on your game knowing where you are.

Thank you