Seeking Community Input: Designing Fan-Made Updates

I’m pursuing a side project in my college game design course and I’d like to design fan-made updates to the game. To start my research, I’m asking the community for their suggestions on what they believe would be beneficial updates to the game (excluding bugfixes). These theoretical updates will likely include a YouTube video, 3D models, explanations of mechanics and potential uses, and possibly a small gameplay demonstration (if I decide to learn Unity or Unreal).

I’ll take the most popular and agreed-upon suggestions and do further research to see if they align with the game’s art, setting, and gameplay. For example, a plasma rifle suggestion won’t fit the alternate reality 1989 Sweden setting of the game. I don’t have a set timeline yet, but I hope to complete this project in less than a couple of months.

Thanks for taking the time to read my post.

TL;DR - Give me your favourite content suggestions, and I’ll create a theoretical update based on them.

(p.s I had chat GPT proof-read this post and it did an absolutely cracking job at it!)

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Maybe a rebalancing of the 3 new exp weapons to make them actually viable in any real battle. I also think the game could benefit from another reaper-level boss, along with more story content, since the story itself isn’t technically finished.

There are so many good feature requests here at the forum. You could pick the 10 most promissing (from title) and then take a closer look at them.

Idk if what I’m suggesting is to big to ask for but, Daily missions from NPCs

Like, yes of course the NPCs in this game gives you missions like the lady in the beginning but that’s it. You won’t hear from that NPC ever again and just exists there for the rest of its life with no further purpose.

I feel it would be amazing to see this common element in open world games but for GZ.

It adds replayability as, assignments, they are ight, you get bored of them and is just another one of your shores do to. It would also add more life to the world which is much needed in GZ. Playing GZ alone is in often cases boring for most of us, Its just you, this open world filled with robots and that’s it. Once your done with all the main mission and side missions you won’t hear from a single soul every again. Quite lonely, no?

It would roughly be something like this. There will be a new Icon on the map for these Daily missions. EX: Anita in himfjäll wants you to find this Apocalypse class Hunter who has been killing their Resistance group members around the Island, Find it and eliminate it.

You get rewards and as you continue doing daily mission to Anita a rela- I mean a mission meter fills up, maybe like do 10 daily mission from Anita to unlock tier two Daily missions from Anita. There will be 10 different tier 1 daily missions you can do for Anita and this goes on to maybe tier 5 or 10 idk.

Cool clothes, skins, basic ammo, even exp ammo and skins to guns if you maxed your daily mission to this NPC. Its like Rusts mission system, they stay at the same spot in a “safe zone” and players go up, talk to them and accept their mission.

This is just a rough ide but the main cores are:

-NPC Daily missions (maybe new NPCs you find in the world idk
-Lots of variates in mission (perhaps try to personalize the mission to the NPCs in mind, the fat guy besides Anita likes rock I believe so maybe assemble a band to play the GZ theme using the emotes) and amount of missions as well.
-Tier progression, cheap but easy dopamine, keeps us grinding and ik for A FACT this community is a bunch of grinding bast- beautiful people:)
-Free, unique rewards. skins and clothes is very nice and also same thing with depending on what NPCs daily mission you do, the rewards follows after their personality. EX for skin: Golden AK ;-;

Pretty much it, would love for this to happen but idk, this is pretty big I guess for a fan made update but DAMN I really like this one. Voice acting idk, isn’t required and will be pretty hard to do for all (new?) NPCs to do right?

Well that’s it, fr, I want to add more but thats the gist of it. Good luck! Your friendly stranger danger peter mcparker sending good vibes, Sid McLaren.

not much but I would love to have a more realistic battle damage done to the player instead of always being badass despite taking a 50 cal to the leg and act like nothing.
just my suggestion :beer: cheers