Selma event & lunar fireworks are both 😊 activated same time

both activated :smiling_face: not Advertised anywhere, not PS4 main menu, selma & lunar fireworks, there just there

found 4 in Tornberget already

kinda looks like a cute little UFO spaceship floating there

Fireworks is part of the Lunar New Year event, which is active until Feb 24th and is overlapping the Semladägen event, which also will be active until Feb 24th. :coffee:

I’ll take a Selma UFO plushie :grinning: anyday, weres the waiting list to buy one :slightly_smiling_face: I like flying Selma Delivery SpaceShips, why bake pastries & selmas from a food-truck, fly one of these around, I like it

Herre gud… SeMLa…


fun fact :blush: the medical trailers that you can put Medical kits in to heal at defense missions will also hold Semlas to heal

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Good to know for those who don’t know where to store the hundreds of semlas.