Semla gone three days early!

Who turned the Semla off?
Started this mornings Semla collection session only to find every single one had disappeared off the map three days early.
Yet another thing broken and not working as intended.

Still farming semla right now. No issues in my game sessions.

I’ve tried restarting and deleting local save game but still nothing. I’ve also noticed that the plates they used to sit on have gone as well. The plates have always remained after collecting the semla even when the “event” was not current. It’s as if they never existed.

I have noticed that if the house fails RNG, sometimes the plate is not present.

Screen shot

Phone photo. Note the time and day (Current time and date +8GMT)

This is very strange,
I now have Semla (and plates) back all over the map.
I cured the problem by taking a Semla out of the Plundra and putting it back into inventory. It is as if the game forgot about them and needed reminding about them.
I have also tried putting all Semla back into Plundra to see if they were forgotten about again but no, they are still back on the map.
I’ll have to put it down to a temporary glitch.
Oh well, let’s see how many I can collect today.