Semla, my lost love

I’ve talked about this on another thread but I don’t think anyone’s bugged it, so, here it is.

Since the Landfall patch Semla has stopped appearing in the world. All the plates are empty. I even found one with a prompt over the plate but no semla to take. Semla is a nice little thing to have to top off your health when you’re not missing enough to burn a heal kit on it. It would be nice if it also had some kind of little buff (don’t ask me what, make it up). But I’d like to see the pastry reappear in the world. Or, barring that, how about a recipe to make them?

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I confirm that Lännbacka safehouse have a missing Semla with a pickup sign on Sunday but today on Thursday it’s still missing but no pickup sign.

Pic or it didn't happen

When: Date 220313

When: Date 220317

Where: Lännbacka safehouse -3436,3113

I had no idea you could pick up Semla. Could you always do that? And why would it be removed?

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Yes, when I first started playing Semla appeared on plates in houses and you could pick them up. My main char still has 4 in his inventory. I don’t know that it was “removed” so much as overlooked in the Landfall patch and their disappearance an unintended consequence.

For me it took about half a year, until I found my first semla. I don’t know why, even when I played with a friend, he found some, me not.

Actually I don’t know if they are gone or not.

So they’re like tiny first aid kits? I knew they existed but I thought they were part of some event or the beta or something, like the Holy Hand Grenade. So weird I’ve never noticed them before.

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In Sweden we eat semlas on a special day. This year it was march 1. So they Only appear in the game as an object for a limited time around that date every year. So you have to wait until next year before you can pick one up again.


But around easter we drink påskmust. So maybe the devs will bring them to the game this easter.


They were in the game in February and haven’t been in the game since the patch which was in early February, patch notes released on Feb 7. So, while it’s a nice line of logic, it doesn’t pan out.

They are a thing that’s in the game for a limited time every year around the day we eat them. And that’s between february 3rd and march 9th every year. If I’m not mistaken the semla event in the game this year was for two weeks. But I’m not sure. But what I do know is that they will not be back this year but probably around the same time next year.

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Typically Semla is available during the update that releases either nonth before or during the games anniversary. For some reason the Resistance update still had them, then disappeared in Landfall. I feel its related to that since people have had a year to loot them consistently, or it could be they get brung back at a later date.

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Maybe because it took a bit longer to deliver the resistance update to xbox?

I keep some in my plundra at all times

This makes sense, the Semla was supposed to spawn but bugged in Landfall (hence the pick-up sign but no item) and now the Semla period is done and no spawn anymore (hence no pick-up sign active).

I’ve actually never found a semla that I could pick up. And I’ve been playing in periods since the game was released. But in real life I don’t like semlas so that’s ok. My character doesn’t like them either :slight_smile:

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Didn’t even know that was a thing. I gotta pay more attention.

I was just in Lannbacka and the prompt over the empty plate was still there.

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How about surströmming? :scream:

Surströmming is insta heal 100% with a invincibility bonus for 60 minutes.

Can however only be used 1-3 times between the third Thursday in August and approximately three weeks after…

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But only healing when eaten fast before collapsing because of the smell