Sentry guns should not be time limited

Soooo …… I just started playing this game again after years.

Really enjoying it - I’m happy to see that my request years ago has now actually been granted by the implementation of mines and the ability to craft SENTRY GUNS!!

However, I really do feel like the tactical scope is severely limited by making them - TIME-LIMITED.

I think it would be far better, to have them have limited set amount of ammo, but permanent placement.

You could then really set up some clever and strategic traps.

At present, tactically they are quite limited. But have so much potential!


Why not?
I guess the time limitation is there to keep the amount of rendered objects and therefore the systemload as low as possible.

And this time has already been improved a lot. It was way shorter initially.

On the other hand the devs could change the start of the time limitation to the first shot of the turret.
Then you’re able to build traps and as soon as they start firing the countdown starts running.

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I understand keeping asset load down.

What I was thinking is the SENTRY GUN could self destruct and disappear after the all ammo is expended.

It would just increase the scope of such items to be used more tactically setting up traps etc…

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Yes, I understood.
But I think it’s harder to give them ammo and an ammo-count than moving the start of the timer to the first shot instead of its placement.


Is that something you could imagine?

I would have thought having a set amount of ammo would be easier, but your first shot starts the timer would work ok as well…

Be great if they could tweak… it would make a big difference

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