September 2023 Update - discussion/experiences

Here are my experiences after the first few hours after the update.

  • First 10 minutes had 3 crashes as client in my mates game.

  • I rejoined his game and had a black bar with an x prompt which didn’t react. It just disappeared after opening and closing the map

  • We then restartet the game and decided to Play without our companions. Worked well so far, but… We did a base assault at guldängen and after we destroyed the command center the base was still there in my game. I got no reward as client, my mate got some, base was gone but he was unable to claim the control point. The same happened at leräng control point.

  • one more thing. I wasn’t able to see my mates resistance and FNIX bases on the map. Every control point looked like neutral.

  • Not related to the update, but I wanted to tell it anyways. My right stick drifts. Just in Generation Zero. I went to the settings and noticed some false naming of the options. Right and left stick switches are switched. After setting the the value for the right stick to 15 the drifting was gone, but I had to set it each time again. The game remembered the value but didn’t apply it.

  • the first harvester that we met had an 4c AG4 again. The others didn’t have one. So that’s positive.

  • without companions we didn’t have another Crash.

Until now there were more bugs than before the Update.


Asotungan Outpost SafeHouse got a new look

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I’ll check that. I’m excited.
Btw., either I didn’t play for too long or the flashlight looks better now. :man_shrugging:

  • One more thing for the issues list: trees. They now look so ugly. Most of them are just a muddy texture until you get really close to them. I hope that’s not the way they prepare 60fps on PS5.
  • No fmtel-missions accessable (Just the helmet-guy to be seen)

Edit: After what I experienced and read so far… Was this update about bugfixing or to deliver bugs to be fixed? :crazy_face:


so far that’s the only area I’ve noticed with a revamp, it’s inside, not the outside part

Oh yes, just checked it.
Not many changes. There are more large wooden boxes now inside the hangar.

For me the most interesting question is:
What happened to the corner where you got the moped? It’s gone. @SR_Carni where did it move to?
To a place earlier or later in the game?

It seems like they’ve nerfed the PVG 90. I used to take out the rolly polly things (lynx) with one shot to the ‘red eye’, now it takes 3 or 4 shots… And the drones, I would hit them with an EMP rocket, and shoot the ‘eye’ and they would go down in 5 or 6 shots. Now it’s taking 10 shots or more. Is anybody else noticing this? Or am I just getting sucky with my shooting?

Mmh I didn’t play much after the Update yet.
But in general I didn’t notice such a nerf.
Do you mean the 1c to 5c PVG or the 6c PVG?

How fast you destroy a machine depends on many factors.

  • the weapon you use
  • the ammo you use
  • the difficulty
  • the class of the machine (soviets: Scout, soldier, speznaz)
  • where you hit the machine
  • from which angle you hit the machine

Sometimes I kill a Lynx with a single shot from the 6c pvg, sometimes it takes more.
Firebirds (did you mean them with “Drone”?) are much harder to destroy, as they are harder to hit. I don’t use EMP so often against them.
In general I aim for the thrusters and most of them fall down after two hits on each.

I played yesterday, created my doggo and made the side mission " Anonymous signals" all worked fine without crashes. Padfoot , the name of my doggo, makes a really good job. We walked from Vesslan Bunker up to the North to do the Signal mission and he was a real companion. he fightet the robots as a real teamworker. I fought the Hunters and he the runners. A very good help. The only thing is when you want to sneak around some robots he is a little headwillingly. As i wanted to walk from Nydala to the Östervik bridge i walked trough the wood becaus the street is infected with tin cans. And what makes he ? !! He attracted the robots and fight them !!! :scream: So i had to deal with a dozen of Runners and a half dozen of Hunters. :grimacing: There i wish a function to order him back to the feet. So that he did not start a fight by himself. At the Moment you can only sneak around when you pickup the dog. And he is heaaavyy ! :sweat: :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile:

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OK, that’s a joke.

Yesterday I just played a few minutes to take a look at the changes at Asötungan outpost. Started from sjöglimten base, so there Just we’re two runners in my why…
My companion started the fight (He should really just shoot, If we’re in combat, not earlier) and killed both runners with its rockets.
Seemed like they buffed the firing speed.

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I played for a little while and the runner does seem to be doing a little better at staying back and firing at targets. Since update (09/05) I have not had any issues playing solo. But I didn’t have to many issues before either.

Yes that i have seen as well. My companion has the submachine gun and he is really fast with that and fights hard. A Runner has not really a chance against him.

I use the Experimental PVG, and yes I mean the Firebirds when I say ‘drone’. Drones (Firebirds) always went down with 5 or 6 shots from my PVG after hitting them with an EMP. Lynx’s, almost always, were destroyed with 1 shot to the red eye or light on the front of them. Yesterday and today it took 3 or 4 shots. I almost always find them at Rusksele farm.

The corner is still there. But it is gone when you picked it up.

But in new game, it is still there.

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Thanks, it looked different before.
Now there is no sign of a moped If you already got it.

Aiming for the eye is a valid method, too. It’s armored, but it takes fewer shots on average than destroying the hover jets. Usually 6-10 instead of 8-16. This test was using a Rank 6 PVG90.

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I go for the fuel cells and vents along with the thrusters and the turret. Can rock them with an RPG while they try to aim. Two at a time is fun but they need to be a little more aggressive.