September Challenge issue

PS4 Pro

I’ve completed all side and main missions. As of today I’m platinum, thank you but truth challenges aren’t completed for reasons I don’t know why.

Either I have missing missions that never appeared or it’s not recognizing

Every found place says example 1/1 or glitch and it’ll show 5/3 done.

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Correction Have a few missions not showing up in the log that are in the Wikipage.

I have similar issue on PC. Done all missions and collected all collectables. Still have a similar look for my challenges. Played since release and probably did all missions before end of June.

I guess we need more people to confirm or deny that it’s a bug.


I expect its caused by patches/updates over original playing time. Probably the only fix is to wipe your install and cloud links and start over.

My truth challenges show all complete except The enemy of my enemy and behind the curtain which is correct. On the other hand my resistance challenges only show I have completed the relay beacons. I have destroyed 1840 machines total.

Confirm. I’ve completed all the missions, but in challenges it’s show that I need to complete another one. This probably has something to do with broken missions. “To the lighthouse” was broken for very long time, and when it finally got fixed I got another weird glitch: missions count shown as “2/1 complete”

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Doesn’t add up here either as far as the Resistance Challenges are concerned.

The “Enemy of my enemy” and “A wrench in the works” didn’t kick of for me due to the known bug so that seems to be correct. Still missing some other missions according to the stats but I have no idea what I have missed. Edit: Did miss some side missions. Total mission count now at 81.

Screenshots because I'm to lazy to type it out

Maybe it’s a similar problem to some Steam achievements not completing.

I have only played the game since the second week of august and those achievements seemed to update just fine until the august update.

It’s as if the counters for specific machine types get “locked” after a patch (and not just reset to zero). But only for the algorithm that determines the achievements and not for the statistics. (And maybe only if the counter is not zero).

For example: before the august update the only specific machine achievement I did not complete was the Tanks. That was on 8. Now it’s on 36 and the Steam achievement has still not unlocked.

Same for the Tunnel Rat one (discover 5 bunkers). Although I’m not sure exactly what counts as a bunker. If only the Warboard bunkers count then it might have simply been reset to zero and may simply not complete retroactively (had 2 or 3 before august update.

I didn’t have a chance to see if one of the challenge counters updates upon killing enough of any specific machine. That might tell something.

Edit: Probably no surprise anymore but the challenge counters are not retro-active so they start counting from the moment the update is installed.

I started a new game with a new character, my other character is still there I am waiting for the enemy of my enemy fix. The post above is for my first character. I wasn’t really interested in the challenges until I had finished the game. But, I do like the tracking of the missions in each of the areas, it makes it easier to see what I have completed. good job!

I went on a Tank run last night and at the moment I got the second tier Tank Challenge, the steam achievement “Say hello to my little friend” also popped up. So it seems that, at least, this steam achievement got unblocked (and reset) with the patch.