Serious framerate drops after Landfall update (PC)

Not sure if this is really a bug, but maybe someone can help.

Platform: PC

Description: After the Landfall update, I’m struggling with severe framerate drops in certain areas. The biggest towns like Östervik and Hagaboda are the worst. I don’t have a framerate counter activated, but it probably drops as low as 20 fps. It’s literally unplayable in certain areas. I have played GZ since launch on the same PC, and never experienced any performance issues whatsoever, not anywhere on the map, and not even in huge battles. Why is it happening now?

Steps To Reproduce: Always happens when entering big groups of housing, especially when machines are present.

Images / Videos:

Host or Client: Host, solo.

Players in your game:

3,5GHz i7-4770K
GTX 1080 Ti 11 GB GPU
(Game running at 1440p with settings at Ultra)

Have you the same problem if you toggle Global Illumination off? I also have most thing on ultra, but I do have Motion blur off, Global off, and fog quality off. I do not have any frame drops. But play only solo.

Global Illumination is indeed quite resource-intensive. :no_mouth: My computer is slower than @NJR87’s though…

Ive had this as well, so far in one location I cant remember (was in a barn).

Thought I would have to restart the game, but managed to move out of the barn and move on, and the drops ended.

This is indeed something with the game itself under certain scenarios, to be able to point out exactly whats causing it will take some research I guess.

Thanks for your replies.
I know of course that I could simply turn my settings down, but that would be missing the point a little.

Why has my PC run GZ on 1440p/Ultra for 3 years, but after Landfall this happens? :thinking:

I’m pretty sure it’s an issue on all platforms, Ostervik is impossible to play in on PS4 right now because it runs at like 12 FPS