Several Instances of Same Player

Platform: Steam, may occur on others

Description: When a client is playing with their companion out, they will crash the moment they enter combat. Upon this happening, a second instance of them will be created instead when they rejoin the world. This will happen until 3 instances exist as when the fourth exists, the host will immediately crash upon the 4th rejoin attempt.

Steps To Reproduce: Have a client on your world, have them use the companion, Enter combat with companion out, have them rejoin world after the crash.

Images / Videos:

Host or Client: I was host, Person with Several instances was Client

Players in your game: Originally 2

Specifications: N/A


Reported something similar but not in such great detail, it’s frustrating that you can’t play the game with friends when the dlc comes out.

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During yesterdays session I (host) crashed 2 times, my mate 4 times.

We always got the error message about a different game version.

I just invited him one more time. When I did that, he was only shown once in the list.
For the other returns he used the same previous invitation.

I can’t say that it was like you described, but your documentation looks like the primary reason for the hosts crashes.

Post hotifx, this issue is still occuring in MP despite them claiming some crashing issues were fixed in the hotfix. Clients will still crash after companion enters combat, or even gets shot now, and will have several instances of them if they get crashes or disconnects, before it was just crashes.

This is post hotfix

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Just in case someone asks: