Several Problems on PS4

Guys. We left this game after the weirdness of April update. Now the latest Playstation version update gave us hope that the game finally works after one year of it’s release. Sadly the game doesn’t work. There are moments when it goes fine and we can tolerate minor things but today we decided that this is just too much. And this is a sad thing because we really enjoy the adventure of Generation Zero and the core game that it offers. Specially the audio designer deserves extra thanks.

For us there’s no point to purchase more content for the game when we are not able to play the base game.

The following things ruin the experience:

  • The game sets me (the host) offline without a reason and my friend is kicked out from the game. (Very often)
  • I am the host and my friend’s game crashes. (Very often)
  • Some times I fall through the floor.
  • Some times bullets come come through the concrete wall.
  • Gas penetrates the wall all the time.
  • Some times the enemy walks through the wall.
  • Game characters get stuck in places like inside of container or under airplane wing. (Rare)
  • The game lags without a reason. (Rare)
  • The enemy reappears to places which you have already conquered. (Very often)
  • You place a mine to a ground, but can’t pick it up any more. (This happened only once).
  • The mines disappear from the ground. (Often)
  • The enemy spots either me or my friend but for some reason both of us are made. This totally kills the stealth gameplay. (Always)
  • I have invite only selected, but random people join in our game. (Rare)
  • Some times the emp shots doesn’t effect to the enemy.

If you are going to fix these problems we might come back, but at the moment it is time to move on.


I’ve played many hours on Ps4 after latest update and expansion. No problem what so ever with host going offline or client getting kicked out.
Only once the game frooze. When I looted a box.
In real life bullets can penetrate a concrete house Wall so in my opinion that’s not a bug. But if it`s a bunker then it’s not ok.

Enemys respawn. That’s part of the game. Has been since start. It would be an empty world otherwise.

Things placed on The ground can get cleaned away if you go to far away from The spot. It sucks. Lost a few mines that way.

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Feedback is fine, but this forum section is not the place for posting bugs. If you are having issues with the game, #bug-reports is the place for it, provided it has not already been reported.

Additionally, list threads are frowned upon. There is often no way to verify any details when you just make a list of the issues you are encountering, which hampers the process of addressing them. In this case you are posting issues that have already been reported, and features of the game that are in fact, not bugs in the first place.

Unfortunately, since this topic is not following proper bug reporting procedures and is in the wrong forum section, I’m going to have to lock it.