Severe frame drops at Overby FNIX Outpost

Platform: PC

Description: I started fighting 2 FNIX tanks, 1 FNIX Harvester, and a handful of FNIX hunters and runners near the Overby FNIX outpost. When I entered the outpost for cover, I experienced severe frame drops. Nothing like I had ever seen while playing. I run GZ at medium to high settings with a consistent 55-60 fps with drops to lower sometimes. I only got one clip from the fight however. The lowest I saw the FPS counter go was 3 during this fight. I had 3 total drops.

I was running Chrome and Discord at the time, along with Ryzen Master for my CPU overclock. I have had this setup run fine for all the other times I played

Steps To Reproduce: I am willing to bet it has to do with this location specifically. I have fought much more enemies at a time and been completely fine. Basically just get into a large fight near the FNIX outpost at Overby. It may have been the harvester specifically, idk.

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Host or Client: Host

Players in your game: 1

Ryzen 5 1400 Overclocked to 3.8 GHZ.
GTZ 1060 Overclocked 210 MHZ.
8GB of 2400mhz no-name RAM.
MSI X470 Gaming Plus motherboard.
The game is stored on a Seagate Barracuda 1TB SATA SSD.

With PCs, it’s hard to say what caused the FPS drop. It could’ve been that some other process (e.g Win update, Chrome update, AV check) temporarily hogged your system resources that caused the FPS to drop. :thinking:

However, if it were game’s issue, you could reproduce it quite reliably in the same spot almost every time.

Only time, when i’ve had FPS to drop (into 20’s), was after April '20 update, with insane AI and when i got into the battle with 2x harvs, one tank and loads of hunters, all firing at me at the same time and relentlessly. That freak of a setting did overload the game but this has been fixed long time ago.

I can try and test when I play again. Though it may only be possible with a large amount of enemies there.

As for the potential background processes. It could not have been a Windows update. I have had windows bothering me about getting one about 3 days before this, and it still wants me to do it. Unless it did something else I missed, it did not force update. It may have been a chrome update, though Chrome would need the ability to update while yt was being actively used, which I am not sure it does.

Either way, I will test soon and come back here with the results.

I cannprovide confirmation that this not only happening on PC but Ps4 as well. All you have to do is go to the airbase and encounter many enemies. The frames will start to drop.