Severe stutter at Ostervik

Platform: PC

Description: When in Ostervik and looking at the harbor/center of town, I experience severe stutter.

Steps To Reproduce: I came to Ostervik and/or spawned in Ostervik via fast travel/log in.

Images / Videos: I couldn’t get a good capture unfortunately.

Host or Client: I was in solo.

Players in your game: Ditto.

Win 10 Home Basic x64
AMD Ryzen 5 2600 Six-Core Processor
Radeon RX 560 GPU

Your cpu seems to be at the lower end of the system requirements. Maybe that’s just the reason.

On Xbox here and I can’t even approach Ostervik. Never have been able to. Report fell on deaf ears so I just end up avoiding the place entirely, not that this is a solution but the area is definitely bugged for me as well.