Sharing XP instead of killstealling

I have noticed that when I’m playing with my friends I only gain Xp when I have hit a bot before it dies. As you are playing together i think you should get Xp for all bots killed around you in a big fight so you don’t have to Meta plan the fight by hitting everyone fast to get the Xp. Somewhat ruined the experience in fights.

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I agree. I don’t play multiplayer, but none nor less I agree.

You should also check out “The Lack of Experience Gain” comment if you haven’t already. :wink:

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as i understand it , the xp is reward based , so if you do 90% of the damage to a enemy , you should get 90% of the reward , with that said , in the latest stream the xp system is being worked on a lot.

thank you J053.

I noticed your thread regarding XP, will read it through

The XP system is very odd in coop. I’ve been trying to make sense of it, yet I see very little real-world correlation with how I’ve read it’s supposed to work.

I’ve gotten into fights where we’ve fought groups of hunters. I’m much higher level than my 2 friends I play with since I play solo as well (currently, I’m 28 and they’re 14 and 11). I’m also heavily specced in combat skills, so I do a lot of damage. In these fights, I’ve easily done the most damage as well as got many of the kill shots. In some cases, I have several solo hunter kills. Yet, I receive piddly amounts of XP at the end of the fight. It makes no sense to me at all. It feels totally random.

I think it should be based on what you do, not what other people around you do. If you do most of the damage on a bot and I just shoot it once, we shouldn’t get equal exp. But also if I’m throwing flairs or otherwise acting as bait for the bot while you kill it. I should get exp even if I dont fire a shot.