"Sharpshooter" augment — What counts as "long range"?

There are two primary augments that straight up add damage: Titan Toppler and Sharpshooter. Titan Toppler only works on the biggest enemies, and adds 20% damage at max level, while Sharpshooter applies to all enemies, and adds a whopping 40% damage at max level.

So it’s tempting to slap Sharpshooter on your PVG or rocket launcher, but the catch is that outside of “long range”, a major damage debuff is applied.

My question: did anyone perform any tests so far on what distance counts as “long range” for the purpose of the augment?

The way it’s described leads me to believe anything after 75m is “long range”. Getting bots to cooperate for the test is tricky though…

have anyone ever destroyed a Havester & walked away backwards until the Dead Havester disappears & then Slowly walk back towards him until he reappears, and his buddies also

It works with patience, my sniper position is usually at the top of the mountain at a shelter and down in the city there is a destructible antenna, from there I usually shoot at runners, hunters and seekers. The larger ones cannot be found, but they are sometimes good Shots from 2-400 m away, the only disturbing thing is that there are buildings there.

Things are actually going quite well there because the bots can’t really figure out where the shot came from.

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Discord had folks claiming 100-150m was the threshold. One claimed that the penalty was active at 120m!

Remember that PC draw distance is ~200m hip fire and ~400m scoped in. Between the ambiguity of the bonus, the mildness of the bonus, and the penalty cloning bug, Sharpshooter seems like a hard pass right now. It needs both a fix and either a damage buff or a range reduction.

It would be a cool rethink to see a damage gradient. Make the damage cap out with a big enough boost to one shot an apocalypse Hunter with a PVG-90 on a component hit at 375m but deal the -80% (or even 0%) at 0m with linear scaling given distance.

I’m with you on this. The debuff is a little too much for me to use this. With a pvg you can’t silence your not going to keep em down range for too long. Not being given a hard number just makes it that much more unappealing. It clearly has a set number from the development side but nothing we see. Might have worked if this was a game where DMG dealt scrolled off the enemy or showed in a log we could monitor but that’s not gen0. There’s another augmentation that debuffs 100% which is just atrocious and I couldn’t ever fathom using it. Kinda feel like that’s a pretty steep penalty for only a possible 40% dmg gain.

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there’s augmenting that can silence the pvg90 by 70%

If at least the scopes would show the targets distance…
It would also be ok, if only 3c to 5c scopes would show it. Or just the sniper rifle scopes.

Or if not showing the distance, which would affect all scopes, they could add an indicator for a beneficial target, if this augmentation is attached. (Outlining the target, green if it’s within long range, orange if it’s outside of long range)

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I think only the scopes above the 4X8 should be considered sniper scopes and the range finder in a scope could be a skill that you have to select when building your character, or an augment with great cost. But for all the players that think the weapons should be more like real life, that would really cause their jammies to wad up.

That “silence” augment applies to player movement not gun fire. It doesn’t make the pvg 90 any quieter to fire. It just makes you quiet while you’re carrying it.

I’ve tested out the Silence Augmentation with 40% visibility cloths & 40% visibility skill & it sounds the same to us, however, u don’t attract robots into a fight as easy, while in prone position and having a runner maybe 6 feet away from you, and you fire the pvg90 off in another direction, the runners little detention meter barley goes up, now, take off the Silence Augmentation, the runner will hear it


Hmmm intriguing. Thanks for the testing and info on the results that could make for fun stealthy killing. I was under the impression it wasn’t working like that so I skipped the Aug completely.

Id like a 6 barrel mini gun available 3000 round mag yep

What do you mean by “penalty cloning bug”?

(this game has so many unaddressed bugs, it’s a bit depressing ><)

What are your thoughts on “Machine Disarmer” for my gold PVG? Sharpshooter seems risky (see discussion above), and a 50% damage bonus against weapons seems decent.

Alternative for me would be “Titan Toppler”, with a general damage bonus of 20% max (against large enemies).