Shield Generators respawning

I’m attacking Dyrbo Control Point and something keeps rebuilding the shield Generators and the machine spawners. Is this a normal thing? I hear one of the flying machines around but can’t find it. Are those some sort of engineer? I thought they were just a tracker/locator robot. I play on PS4. I have a few Warboards to find still, have Lost and Found as well as Back on Track as current main missions. Maybe it’s just a mission related Control Point.

I have had something very similar occur twice IIRC. Not sure if you have the same scenario I had, but for me I did not have the mission ‘destroy FNIX outpost’ triggered for some reason, even though I was sitting well inside the base. I ended up quitting to menu and loading back in, then checking I triggered the mission as I approached before going on the rampage.

Another scenario is, if you leave the mission area because you retreat to refill your ammo and so on or you die or use fast travel for some reason, the mission location may reset or the base even could upgrade if it wasn’t at max level before.

It said to destroy the outpost but nothing about the shields A B C and D.

Yeah, I know that can happen. The game even warms you with a timer if you leave the area. This was happening right in front of me. I would have all the replicators (robot makers) destroyed, generators down and the core would still be shielded. I’d take a quick spin around the edges to see if I missed something and would see shimmering lines in an area then a replicator would pop up. Machines would fall in from orbit or whatever they do. I blast that and turn around to see another generator.

ah, yeah, sorry I was not clear, but that is what I meant by the mission not triggering, i.e. that it was a false start

Yeah. I had to spend today recollecting ammo and heals. I’ll try again tomorrow. We’ll see.

if you leave area, things will come back up, not all, enemies spawners, wall turrets, red laser things :face_with_monocle: what’s even stranger is that for the first time I had one show up, Floda Assault Base, went to it, brand new spawner, however, got there and no red laser things, just the thing in the middle with its health bar, easiest one I’ve ever done

I was right next to the f23 air base when it spawned up, I don’t know maybe, if your to close to one when it spawns, maybe it glitches sometimes with the no red laser things

When it was happening to me there was a glimmer in the area things ended up spawning in. Almost like an ethereal gridwork thing.