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:top::radio_button::hammer_and_wrench: I wanted to offer a variation of adding possibly DLC, with a set of additional missions, there are very large water locations in the game project, they occupy a large perimeter of the entire territory on the map; GENARATION ZERO, there are a large number of adjacent surfaces around the mainland, it will be extravagant to implement an additional mission, as a result of which players will have to simulate water transport, you can offer the introduction of a standard boat /technical variation, or possibly a boat vehicle necessary to reach the starting location:hammer_and_wrench:

:ballot_box_with_check: "Mission ship", you can add a military submarine captured by robots, in the result of which experiments were conducted on the creation of new prototype copies of hostile NPCs, to be honest, this topic is for fantasy, it is better to provide the reader of this publication, let the community offer their fantasies, I propose to make a discussion / vote on how much you think this topic is relevant

:children_crossing:This recommended innovation will allow players to immerse themselves in a new factor
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This add-on will allow players to diversify their gameplay on a large scale, it is recommended to make this add-on quite complex so that players can not get a unique objectivity at the first attempt, there will be an opportunity to visit an isolated location, a different principle of perception of the game position will be created, additional interest will arise regarding the study of new varieties of opponents, this is a radical change in the atmosphere
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11:heart_decoration:These gif animations are designed for this GENERATION ZERO gaming audience, regarding the provision of detailed information comparable to the initial test presentations, if you liked the gif animation / initiative of this proposal, please support with a like, take part in a text discussion / add variations of your relative representations of the external texture of a hostile NPC, thank you for your attention, follow the news 12

…:::✯💎Mission ship✯:::…
    • :white_check_mark: I support this idea
    • :negative_squared_cross_mark: I don’t support this idea
      P.S: “I’d rather leave a detailed comment”

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You cant even swim in this game, dont find it likely that any ships or submarines will be on the table at all.

Why all these unnecessary gifs?!


you don’t need to swim, you use a boat, physically no one offers animation, it’s not about that at all

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You seem to miss the point. The devs wont let the players swim and I would like to guess this is for a reason. Only functioning boat in the game is the one taking you to Himfjäll.
So they have the mechanic for boat already but have decided not to use it more than this.

Wanna ride boat - go to himfjäll and back a couple of times.


And this even isn’t really functioning.
It’s just an improvised bridge.


Yeah you are right, this makes the implementation of boats in general even less likely.

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I think this game should be played on the surface. But it would be interesting to see a battleship in action in some mission.

And don’t forget that the game begins at a beach, because our boat was shot at.

There are no swedish army or nato vessels in proximity. There are just these soviet hovercrafts, which came into the game with landfall update, that seem to have been able to get through.

By the way, the machines explode too, if they get in touch with water.

The idea itself isn’t bad, but it doesn’t fit into the games story and setting currently. Maybe in future, with all isles reachable, it could make sense.


Just the point is to create a mission where you need to destroy robots on the ship, the question is how to get to the ship, so the easiest thing is boats, you don’t have to sail on them, you can just make a cut scene

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I can’t translate please write what you wanted to notify by shooting this video

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Guys, contact staff if you have an issue. 'Nuff said.


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