Shirt with tie Clothing?

Saw someone wearing an item called Shirt with tie. Is this a normal drop item? Or was it some sort of an event? Just wondering cuz it looks hella sick.

I have a pink one (as in the shirt is pink and the tie is white) and I got a big t as a normal drop. I haven’t seen another though.

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As said above, it’s normal drop. Though, it’s one of the newest clothing pieces.

I’ve found three so far.

Screenshots (click here to view)

Two more:

A white shirt with red tie, and a blue shirt with a dark blue tie.

Finally found 2. I got the pink with white tie and an white with black tie. So happy rn

Got four.

That black and white tie looks hella sick. Im on the look out now for that one now.

Best of luck, it’s my fave too.

Edit: found a new one - I call it ‘The Banana Split’.

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Do you happen to remember what they dropped from? I’ve been trying to get the black on white tie for about 3 months now with no luck.

apocalypse class machines only drop them, AND, only on the main world, HIMFIALE dlc island machines DONT drop them ::: HIMFIALE dlc island have a totally different clothing

police shirt tie, ALSO, there is police hats, police pants, jfyi

on the main world, if Apocalypse Havester Rival spawns, don’t kill it, and let him bring 4 hunters, 4 hunters, 4 hunters, and keep checking them until you find everything, police hats, police shirts tie, police pants, that’s how I got them all

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Östertörn Only ::: Himfjall Island DOES not have police clothing

that was a question I have had for a long time. thank you for answering that. now for a 1 in a million chance for a apoc harvester…ugh…