Shooting from a bike

So i had this thought while I was riding a bike around my yard with a Deagle gel blaster after failing the Apocalypse Race mission (again :sob:) but what’s stopping us from whipping out a magnus or a klaucke while riding a bike and we can basically shoot while riding.

The game mechanics.

But firing a bazooka while riding a bike would be really cool.

Personally I’d rather like to see an actually useful vehicle.

ah yes whip out a frickin RLG-7 on a bike

Next on Generation Zero:

Bike-Building-Update :rofl: (don’t take it seriously)

Go to a vehicle station, select the base bike you want and enter the configuration mode.
Now you can select:

  • the type of frame
  1. color of the frame
  • type of wheel
  1. color of the rim
  • color of the light

  • attachments

  1. handlebar
    A. ring/horn
  • sound of ring/horn
    B. weapon-slot (stationary ahead)
    C. item slot
    D. front shield
  1. frame
    A. medi-kit (autoheal)
    B. energy cell (more speed)

  2. luggage carrier
    A. bags (mobile storage)
    B. rear shield
    C. Mobile Field Radio (fast travel point)

Items / weapons that you attach to the handlebar can be used by pressing the button for the ring.
Press for shooting or to activate an item.
So can use EMP on a bike or a flare to lure enemies. Or drop mines while driving. Instead of a medi-kit attachment at the frame you can put in healthkits for manual use. The slot has to be filled with an item from your inventory. No change while driving possible.

The attachment slot on the frame is instantly active. It grants speed (energy cell) or health, if wounded during cycling. The medi-kit slot has to be filled up from your inventory.
The energy cell is explosive. Avoid hits, it could end your cycling tour very quick.

The bikes storage, when attaching bags to the luggage carrier, can just be used while not driving with the bike.

Here’s the route