Shooting moves up?

When I shoot out of a smg or assault rifle, the gun automatically starts moving up so I struggle to keep it in place. is this meant to happen?

Yes, it happens with real guns too. It’s called recoil.

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Oh is there anyway to stop it

I don’t think the game has any way to turn it off. Practice and you’ll slowly get the hang of moving your mouse back to what you’re aiming at. Another common advice is to shoot in smaller bursts, i.e. let go of the trigger after every 2-5 bullets to regain control of the firearm.

If you do the two left most skill trees there are skills that take away weapon recoil and an active skill “marksman” that removes it and weapon waver completely

Ok thanks everyone I will try doing some of those things

Besides firing in short bursts, all assault rifles and one SMG (HP5) are also capable for semi-auto fire, meaning one round is shot when pulling the trigger. This is especially good when you want to fire accurately.