Shooting through the window, damage through the wall

Bullets don’t harm robots while I’m shooting through the window/glass also when I was in the church close the wall or window, a robot hurt me through the wall.

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Got the same situations when covered inside the building and robots were kinda glitching in the wall shooting me through it… there is way to avoid it “RUN” :smiley: … shooting through the window won’t work, don’t try to throw grenades too as you will kill yourself.

Make sure the window break if it is still hole it will not dmg becuse I have done the same many time but make sure the window break

You can damage through walls too. I’ve taken down a tank that was next to a house by blowing up a gas canister by the wall next to it. And on a mission to clear out a building of robots, they were all trying to get to me through the wall so I took them out with a fuel cell next to the wall they were trying to come through